I would have 3 to 5 night sweats before using Personal Summer Comfort (PSC). I started using PSC on February 20, 2019.

My first day taking the formula I didn’t notice any change but I did like the (more…)

C. Smith

I was introduced to Personal Summer Comfort by my sister. I was telling her how tired I was going through these hot flashes. She said she have never experienced hot flashes before. She said “maybe it’s because I’ve been taking this product called Personal Summer Comfort. My sister said to me ‘I’ve been taking it (Personal Summer Comfort) for nine years for my hair’. I’ve heard that (more…)

LF (East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania)

After giving birth to my son, I began having periods during the night where I would have hot flashes and night sweats. I could never be comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. I would wake up sweating and feeling “stuffy” so I would uncover myself, only to awaken later cold. I would cover back up with a light sheet but the same pattern would occur through the night. (more…)

JT Yeadon (Pennsylvania)


Being a Personal Summer Comfort product user, I have found this product to be very useful for me.  Because it really does help eliminate a lot of my menopausal “Hot Flashes” or my own secret term “Personal Summer”. It cut down on those outbreaks were at least by 50% … and this is when you’re taking the dosage daily. I found my moods to be calmer and less agitate. Personal Summer (more…)

P Stokes