Hot Flashes Relief Gel-Cap Type (4 Months)

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Personal Summer Comfort vegetable gelatin capsules is a proprietary blend of specially combined herbs designed to bring you comfort and peace of mind during the trying time. Rather than treat this physical concern with synthetic solutions, Personal Summer Comfort treats it Naturally. This helps to diminish that uncontrollable internal warmth.


• Take two (2) Samson’s Secret® gel-cap per day (one in the morning and one at night).

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2 reviews for Hot Flashes Relief Gel-Cap Type (4 Months)

  1. Jorgine Sanchez

    It depends on how healthy you are. Typically menopause grows about every month which is pretty fast, but if your malnourished and don’t eat protein or take multivitamins with biotin it may grow slower. I wish you luck. There are multivitamins specifically for menopause in the drugstore or just try prenatal vitamins. It can’t hurt. Take good care of your health too.

  2. Shelia Clinton

    Shelia M. Clinton – 3/11/16 – Philadelphia, PA
    I’ve been using Personal Summer Comfort liquid for 8 years plus. It’s an ingredient I swear by. Personal Summer Comfort feeds the root of any problem you may encounter. I was able to transition from perm to natural without breakage and it’s good for those ‘Private Summers” When I run out of my tonic I don’t panic (not too much) because the ingredients remains in your system for a while.

    You can feel a different texture in your hair using this fantastic tonic. I introduced Personal Summer Comfort to my sister because she suffers really bad with ‘Private Summers”. After taking Personal Summer Comfort my sister raved about not suffering with her “Private Summers” anymore. Take my word and try this magnificent, amazing tonic, you won’t be sorry.

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