Women’s Natural Hot Flashes Relief Treatment


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Personal Summer Comfort liquid type drops 3 month supply


Personal Summer Comfort liquid type drops is a proprietary blend of specially combined herbs designed to bring you comfort and peace of mind during the trying time. Rather than treat this physical concern with synthetic solutions, Personal Summer Comfort treats it Naturally.
This helps to diminish that uncontrollable internal warmth many women experience during menopause


• 1 milliliter of the liquid Personal Summer Comfort will fill a standard medicine about 3/4 full.
• Draw liquid and place into an 4-8 ounces of non-alcoholic beverage 2 times a day (Morning & Evening).
• The 4-8 ounces of beverage is recommended because some ingredients, notably the cayenne pepper, can be uncomfortable for some consumers when taking the herbal solution in an undiluted state

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Personal Summer Comfort

1 review for Women’s Natural Hot Flashes Relief Treatment

  1. Shawn Luna

    Great Product, The 3 month supply is my favorite subscription, I consistently have this delivered like clock work! One of a kind, definitely beats all the other brands!

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